Hello World!

January 30, 2020

This Blog

I've long thought about having a personal blog, but it's always been something I've put off.

I think a lot of the standard tools that I've seen other people use (like Wordpress, Medium, or Svbtle) just never looked great to me. I wouldn't say I have a strong aesthetic, but I knew I needed something different than what came out of the box.

I recently spent a couple of nights putting together my home page, and this blog felt like a natural extension of that work.

The Inspiration

I really really loved Daniel Gross's homepage. This project started out by my blatantly copying his template 🙃

My friend Paul also has a beautiful personal website which I used as inspiration!

The Stack

Here are the tools I used to build the site!

  • 🚀 Netlify for hosting
  • 📐 GatsbyJS for Frontend Framework
  • 🏖 TailwindCSS for styling
  • 👨‍💻 Markdown with Remark & Rehype for rendering

I'll definitely be writing a longer post on the decisions I made to get to these and all the work that went into building this site. Also big shout out to Adam Wathan and Steve Schroeger for Refactoring UI. I really learned a lot from this - and hopefully these tips helped make this site look good!

Adding Dynamic Blog Pages in Gatsby

It's unbelievable how convenient the Gatsby documentation is. There was a guide for exactly what I wanted to do. I know making a blog is a common use case, but it's so rare to be able to follow a tutorial / documentation with no edits whatsoever.

The Plan

I know resolutions are hard to keep. That said, I'm hoping to post at least one long-form piece of content here every month going forward.

Here's to a great 2020 and beyond!


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